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whetr thr gamw



The "THIS PAGE HAS MOVED" is a link to the other page in itch.io. In case you don't want to use Steam or you can't.



do the hustle


am i the only new one here?


shitty ass dookie ass fart ass game


that is a good joke


Nah it isn't.

it was a "Joke". I really enjoy the game and it so fun to play with friends too so that's why what he said was a joke

I meant it wasn't a particularly funny one, wasn't arguing whether it was a joke or not.


Actually nvm he could've been serious, you can never tell these days



this is actually a very good joke/srs me and the boys did literally get a chuckle out of this. It tickled my funny bone if you know what I mean {. Thank you sir.


sounds like someone got his burst parried


uhmm how to a get the game did i get hacked? :<

The dev accidentally did a copyright infringement and had to rename the game, moving it to a new page in the process. The new name is "Your Only Move Is HUSTLE."


Technically it's not a copyright infringement since you cannot copyright a single word, David Sirlin is just a jerk.


if you are wondering about the download, all I did was press "THIS PAGE HAS MOVED" thing and I scrolled down to find a download :o

Does anyone know why the download page is not working?


He switched the game name and made a new page he got copyright striked

Why did he get copyright striked???


chinese game named yomi
the game is still named yomi tho

Really? Ty for the answer altho that's very dumb, yomi is a japanese word meaning underworld so it's weird it got copyrighted, afaik you can't copyright words, oh well (even tho in this context yomi is used as an acronym, but it should still apply), copyright law sure is dumb and needs a remake.

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yomi is the name of a fighting card game. yomi is japanese for "reading"


graaaah! im full of estrogen!




your only move is hrt 



For reference, the name "Yomi" is copyrighted, so they had to rename it.


Not copyrighted, there was a trademark on it.
The two are very different things.


"VeRy DiFfErEnT


The main difference is that a trademark protects the unique identification of a brand or product (e.g. the logo of a brand) and must be applied for, whereas copyright prevents copying, reproduction, or distribution of specific work

But yomi means underworld in japanese, isn't it forbidden to copyright (or trademark or whatever) words?


Soon all words in all dictionaries will have trademarks huh



? What no?
Hopefully not.


There's another game called Yomi on Steam, yet that one hasn't been renamed lmao, dumb copyright shit.


Which is the exact reason a newer game had to be renamed, as it copies the name of an older one?

There is absolutely nothing dumb in that. 

There's literally more than 1 game named Yomi, and they're all older than this one, by your logic then there should be only one named Yomi, yet there's more, and I'll give you examples:

So why is it that both of these games are up but this one had to be renamed? (at least the second one should be renamed since the first one came out in 2015 while Trek to Yomi came out last year).
"There is absolutely nothing dumb in that.", my guy yomi in japanese means underworld you can't copyright words, literally everything about this is dumb.......
So either do your research and give me an explanation that makes sense, or don't talk at all.

And another thing if words could be copyrighted, we would've already ran out of names (or at least some decide to copyright words while others don't [still wouldn't explain why Trek to Yomi is still named like that while this one had to be changed]).


"Yomi" and "Yomi Hustle" are much closer to each other than "Yomi" and "Trek to Yomi".
If I would hear Yomi Hustle, I would think it's a sequel / spinoff to Yomi card fighting game from 2015.
If I would hear Trek to Yomi, I would think it's an unrelated trademark.

You can disagree with me of course, and demand objectively verifiable criteria to be able to tell what is a trademark infringement and what isn't.
And this is understandable.
But as far as I know, the only institution that can determine that is the court, because as we can clearly see in this conversation trademark similarity is a very thin ice and it's very debatable what is an infringement and what isn't.
I would imagine that the author of the game is not willing to bother with potential court case, or Steam is taking measures to prevent potential conflicts in the first place, relying on their subjective vision.

And this in my opinion is very understandable as well.
I don't think it's worth a conflict that will not benefit any side and only drain their limited resources.
Yomi is also made by a very small financially struggling indie studio who I don't think would be very happy to be dragged into this.

By what? And really? I was under the impression that you can't copyright words (yomi means underworld in japanese).


I'm not certain it is supposed to be Japanese, but if it were, I'd imagine it would be 読み or "to read" as "reads" are a common fighting game concept, and in this instance the main thing you'll be doing.

It seems we are both correct.

it's hustlin time