🏆 #1 for "Fun" in ludum dare 49 compo

Here is my take on the “unstable” theme for Ludum Dare 49. You operate a malfunctioning quantum supergun, which shoots things it probably isn’t supposed to. Achieve superiority over your friends by travelling further through the Dungeon of Enemies than they can.

Every bullet you can shoot is unique, and all have the capacity to save your life or spell your death in their own ways.

You can pause by pressing Escape or Backspace.

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Tagsbanana, Colorful, Endless, grappling_hook, Ludum Dare 49, Perma Death, Retro, Roguelite, Top down shooter, unstable
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very addicting


make a windows version please




Lovely game and great game feel!


Really fun game, thing gets really chaotic when different enemies come from different sides and a bomb blows up in front of your face. I love it