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This is the FINAL PUBLIC DEMO for my game, Rocket Sword. Unfortunately, I am indefinitely ending plans for release because it is not something I can realistically complete on my own. Stay tuned for future projects!

Rocket Sword is a fast-paced, 2.5D slash-'em-up game inspired by titles like Devil May Cry, Luftrausers, Defender, and Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer, combining the playing field of a wave-based survival shooter with the expressive combat and juicy visual feedback that character-action games are known for. 

Operating the most powerful weapon in the universe, you must mow down hundreds of enemies as stylishly as possible, and earn points towards upgrading your superweapon with new techniques and abilities. 

Levels are large open areas, where waves of footsoldiers, military machines, aliens, and other menacing opponents will try to obtain your ludicrous power. Each level, once you've shed enough blood, is punctuated with a unique and challenging boss fight.

This demo is not representative of the final product. Consider all assets placeholder until the final release. Follow https://twitter.com/ivy_sly_ for updates.


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its like if Luftrausers took the silly pill

Hey. mind if i copy your game a bit?. i am making a game similar to your rockey sword game. except its top down and more tighter movement.

Stupid, fun, and stupidly fun action game with a giant rocket sword.

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Jesus CHRIST this game is hard!!!

Still really fun!! Very unique!


I stumbled on this randomly browsing steam games about a month or so ago... I really need to start checking Itchy first whenever I see anything interesting, because if 9 out of 10 times there's a demo, it'll always be here, but on steam maybe only 4 out of 10 will put it there. I can only assume they either charge you, or have some kind of nonsensical stipulations to put it up there... God I hate "The Man"!

So crazy and interesting


ok, now where the HECK can I get the music??? I want to review this masterpiece so badly



Hello, I tried contacting you through your email but maybe believe messaging you though here may work better. I wondered if i could ask a few questions on your older game "Leg Frogs"?


This game is absolutely destructive. I went in clueless and came out filled with adrenaline and shaky hands. Everything feels so smooth, fast, and right! I can't wait for more content and I definitely had more than just a little fun

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Super cool game, loved the gameplay and cant wait for more levels! Excited for the upgrading system, wanted to level up but my points weren't coming out of the waves after death! Also was able to play Level 2, found some aliens and crashed the game! Hope you don't mind I made a vid off this. Was mega fun.


What a wild ride! 

My only issue is how easy it is for the cursor to be near the edge of the screen and somehow click out of focus on any windows behind it.

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I've saw videos about it, but how do you open it with linux??? It's a great game by the way, all the gameplay videos are really making me feel like im playing it myself :D


only complaint is that it isnt fullscreen and i keep clicking out




is it multiplayer


Very funny!

great game.

Dude, you swung it out of the park with this one..

Can't wait for the full release!


holy shit, this is made in godot? and its only the beta??? great work!

thank you! and yes, it's all Godot :)


Very fun game. I love flying and dashing!

thank you !!


This game is amazing u/Only_Scallion1956 (me) btw

I might be stupid but how do you heal 

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you get health from killing enemies :) happens more often the lower your health



you're the 2nd person level 2 is crashing for... most interesting


Thank you for making this game devv :D

having a really fun time playing this game.


thanks man im glad you enjoyed

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Rocket sword owns 


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is pretty fun and it's well executed overall.

-The gameplay mechanics are really awesome and have a nice "one man army" touch that  makes the gameplay experience quite brutal :D

-The visuals on the game are quite unique and it's style totally fits the rest of the game.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


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Thanks! you are going too easy on me with the feedback lmao. much appreciated


You are welcome :)


This is AWSOME ! !

you are awesome for playing it


ONE OF THE BEST GAME ON ITCH I'VE EVER PLAYED! Good job! But I don't know how to get more crystal (or what ever that currency is). Can u tell me?

you gotta beat the level!


Oh shiet


this game is a banger! can't wait to see it being finished !


thanks! me too


Awesome fast-paced arcade action. Keep up the good work! 

thanks man! ty for the video


man this is awesome, there should be like different characters with different playstyles, im just vibing on the game rn 10/10

planning to introduce multiple different swords with different stats!


I just beat the game!! This is awesome, it has great potential and its beautifully difficult. Thanks for making this :-D


Awesome and very hard game. 


Having a really fun time playing this game. Gameplay mechanic weren't too hard. Good work!


Amazing game dev great visuals and mechanics with classic soundtrack


This game is too good.  Never had something like this in forever.

Thank you!! glad you enjoyed :D

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