LIL' ZUDDY is a virtual pet akin to Tamagotchi in which you can hatch and raise your very own Zuddy, a tiny bug with a big heart.

LIL' ZUDDIES come in many shapes and colors. There are over a thousand combinations! Your Zuddy will probably look different from any of your friends'! Depending on how well you train it, your Zuddy will evolve into different kinds of special critters, too. Your Zuddy can share its stats and socialize using our new CHATTERFLY technology, allowing Zuddies from across the world to convene right from the comfort of the nest (Not available in web version!!!).


  • The game can be played entirely with mouse or touch screen.
  • PC users can control some minigames with Z, X and arrow keys.


  • Your Zuddy will stick around even when you put it away; there's no pausing, even if you close the game! Make sure you check on your Zuddy often, lest you risk losing it to the harsh realities of Nature.
  • Zuddies have needs. Fun, food, and good health are all important to every Zuddy. Your Zuddy will tell you itself what it needs! Pay attention, because Zuddies are quite fragile, and can only survive a lack of any of these necessities for so long.
  • Zuddies have 3 main stats: Smarts, Strongth, and Training. You can view your Zuddy's stats in the stats📋 menu. Smarts and Strongth affect your Zuddy's performance in games, and all three will help determine what Zuddy your larva will transform into.
  • Use the speech 💬 menu! If your Zuddy cries for attention because it is hungry, or if it eats a food it doesn't like, don't forget to praise👍it! Be careful though, because some foods will make your Zuddy sick, depending on the diet. 
  • Conversely, if your Zuddy cries for attention, but won't accept food or play, you might need to scold 🚫 it. It may feel bad, but discipline makes for a happy, healthy Zuddy! A highly trained Zuddy will also be less likely to cause trouble.
  • Medicine 💉 is great for restoring the health of a sick Zuddy, but use it sparingly! Not only is it very unpleasant, it is also quite hard on the Zuddy physiology, causing sleepiness and reducing the Zuddy's Strongth.
  • Sometimes your Zuddy will be dormant, whether it is sleeping or in the pupal stage. Don't fret! Just wait it out. You can always come back later.

LIL' ZUDDY was made in 16 days for Sewerjam 3.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withGodot, Aseprite
Tags2D, Cute, Difficult, Experimental, Funny, Multiplayer, Pixel Art, Real-Time, Retro, Virtual Pet
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer


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this game is a lot more fun then i wouldve expected!

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LIL' ZUDDY Gameplay


is anyone else having trouble downloading this game? nothing happens when I get to the download page.

Yeah, says its a blocked page for me.

this is weird... i'm not sure what is going on