GRiPPY is a hardcore, subversive platformer for the PICO-8 system about climbing through a mysterious underground complex and overcoming hostile terrain. You play as Grippy, a creature with very, very strong arms, but no legs. You must travel by hurling yourself across the world and latching onto anything you can grip. Find a way out to win!


  • O/X (z/x on keyboard): reach out a hand and grab 
  • left/right: rotate aim angle 
  • down (hold): aiming mode; reach without grabbing
  • up: hop

You can change your control settings in the pause menu.

Alternatively, play the game on the pico-8 bbs.


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Development log


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Took a bit to get a grip of the mechanics, then the fun held on as I kept reaching for the next level.


Since Flash has passed on, games like this are slowly pushing to a new online game golden age. Thanks! :D

A small criticism: the "toggle" version of grabbing keeps on "toggling" if you hold down the button, instantly grabbing and letting go, but I expected it to only toggle AFTER unpressing the button and THEN pressing it again. I think you should make it so, if that's ok.


thanks so much!

as for the toggle: yes! it's true. I didn't test it enough—i thought that was just a problem with key repeating on PC's, but for some reason PICO-8 bizarrely retains this feature in all its ports. I've been meaning to get around to fixing this, and I might just try to do that today 


update: it has been fixed! wasn't as hard as i thought it would be...

Thanks! It works great :D


hard but good


great game, but a bit tedious


this is super cool !!

thank you!

not really able to play because my mouse always goes under the game. i tried all keys that i could and no controls worked on my chromebook.


This is so cool! I've been following your progress on the discord and I'm so glad I finally get to play it! The art is good, the music is nice, and it's such a good idea that has been well executed!

I'm glad you liked it! thanks so much :)

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hey this game is actually good, the problem is that when you press X the right hand moves, I think most people are using X and C rather than Z and X.

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thanks! I've had some trouble in deciding the default controls, as different people expect different standards. it's not a perfect solution but you can switch controls in the pause menu.


Thanks for informing me, starting this game looked a little confusing to me but I got used to it easily, after knowing what to do this game is actually one of the most unique ones out there, loved it.