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Defy Godwin is a comedic work of interactive fiction and a realistic forum simulator.

Godwin’s Law: As a discussion on the Internet goes on, the probability of a comparison to Nazis or Adolf Hitler approaches 1.

Amidst a war of rhetoric, you are but an internet forum moderator - the impartial paramedic of a digital battlefield. With a new corporate leadership buying out your home base @ Hyperlink Heaven, your mission is now to appease advertisers by preventing users from invoking Nazism (and thus Godwin’s Law). Slap and exile in your vain attempt to stifle their discussions’ inevitable conclusion. Use your wit and read between the lines to end these battles before they even start.

DISCLAIMER: The creators of this game UNANIMOUSLY OPPOSE white supremacy and Nazism. Defy Godwin was created to satirize internet forums, and their wanton misuse of these subjects. The characters portrayed in this game do not represent the views of any involved parties.

Ludum Dare 50 judges: you are looking for DefyGodwin_vLD50.ZIP


DefyGodwin_vQOLFixes.zip 59 MB
DefyGodwin_vLD50.zip 61 MB


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this game generated a 9gb log file on my pc 10/10